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Supanova, June Sydney

We had a great time photographing attendees at Supanova at Sydney Showground on June 19 and 20, 2021.


Follow the link below to download colour and B&W photos or purchase prints and canvases.


Andie at Golden Ridge Farm

Here are my favourites from Golden Ridge Farm in Dural.

Grace at Elizabeth Farm

I had a great shoot with Grace at the famous Elizabeth Farm which is the oldest European house in Australia. We shot in the beautiful gardens and on the verandahs as well as inside the old house.

It was a lovely afternoon with gorgeous light and and it was a pleasure to photograph Grace in the cutest outfits.

Here are some of my favourite shots

Jessica in Centennial Park

Had the pleasure of shooting Jessica on the 14th April in Centennial Park.

We had fun finding different locations and changing outfits and managed to chase the sunset and not get locked inside the park after closing.

We got some great shots, in colour and B&W.

Here are my B&W favs.

Deborah at The Manse

Had a chance to shoot Deborah at The Manse in Sydney in February.

We hoped for a beautiful, bright, colourful sunrise and instead it was fog everywhere!

So we went with it! A misty morning shoot, with a heritage backdrop.

We selected colours to look great in the location as well as a formal B&W look with sequins and hat.

Deborah was a pleasure to shoot, thanks so much!

Here are my favs from the morning.

Aura and Saxon

Mother and Son Photos

Capturing precious moments in a photo for a family is a great thing, it’s rewarding to be able to provide memories that can be treasured forever.

Mother and Son, Aura and Saxon enjoy special moments in Greenwich
Aura and Saxon enjoy cuddles

In this session, Aura was photographed together with her son Saxon. Just mother and son. The rest of the family was out for the day, so I photographed the two of them in their backyard in Greenwich.

While they enjoyed cuddles and tickles, I made some beautiful photos, which I love as well. Here are some of my favourites.

Thank you Aura and Saxon!

See our portfolio for ideas for your own documentary family photography session.

Twig Workshop

Twig Workshop

Aura Parker, brilliant author and illustrator, held a fantastic workshop on her book Twig at the State Library of NSW.

If you don’t know about Twig, it is a sweet children’s story about a stick insect starting school.

The children enjoyed all the activities at the workshop, from drawing bugs to pretending to be bugs! Aura read Twig to her spellbound audience and also gave a sneak peak of her upcoming book Cocoon.

I was lucky enough to take photos, and here are some of my favourites.

Thanks for inviting me Aura!

Backyard Cricket in Gordon

Photos from Dec 2017

Here are some of my favourite photos from shooting family backyard cricket in Dec 2017.

While there are some awesome colours in these sunset photos, they also include some of the sweetest dog photos of the happiest dogs ever!

Honey Blue backyard cricket in Gordon
‘Jet’ gets some love

True love!

Backyard Cricket Photos


Thalia in St Ives

Thalia in St Ives

My dear friend Niki and her daughter Thalia joined me for a shoot in the park at St Ives, Sydney.

It was a gorgeous hot day, better for the beach, but we made the most of it with some cool shade.

Here are my favourite photos of Thalia’s shoot.

Thanks Niki and Thalia!