Wonder why?

Documentary Family Photography

Have you ever wondered why you need to be in your family’s photos?

While we here at Honey Blue focus on documentary photography, we aren’t the only ones.

The mum is usually the one taking the photos of the day-to-day lives and special events of their family. They are the ones documenting their family. But because they are taking the photos, they aren’t in the photos. They are missing. The children are having fun, the partners are having fun, the grandparents are having fun, but they are no where to be seen.

But whether you’re mum or dad, you need to be in some photos. Not just the special occasions (which are so important to document), but the everyday as well. Pass the camera to your partner or a child and get some photos of you too.

When friends and family take photos, get in there. Make sure there are photos of you too. You’re never too sweaty, dirty, unfit or unprepared, that your smile can’t add joy to the memory. Your family are counting on it.

The special moments you remember are the ones you want the rest of your family to remember as well. When your children are grown up, they can look back at the family photos and remember those times, even if they were very young.

The way to do this is by looking through some family photos with your children each month. Talk about those times in the photos so they will remember them.

I am missing from my family’s photos. I need to change that. I want to help other parents do that too.

Michelle xxx