5 photography tips


1. Pick a good background – get close up to remove clutter or use a lower aperture to blur the background. If you can show the background scene and give the photo some context that’s great too, but no trees sticking out of the head.

Boys in Window
Boys in Window

2. Put/turn the face to nice light. If there is an option, move so that the light is shining on their face, or ask them to point their nose to the light. You don’t want dappled light or heavy shadows distracting you from seeing the subject. If they are looking into full sun light, get them to close their eyes and open them on your command.

Girl looking out window
Girl looking out window

3. Focus and hold the camera still. To prevent out of focus photos, don’t move. Support the weight by locking your elbows in. Keep you feet apart and stable. If you’re shooting a moving subject use a faster shutter speed if you can adjust it. The more brighter or darker the situation and light, the more you need to hold still to get the best results.

Honey Blue Photography - Girl in window in the Hunter Valley
Girl in Window

4. Take multiple shots – not just one or two. Pick the best shot of the best moment.

5. Don’t stress, be happy if your subject is happy. Don’t get frustrated or upset as it makes the situation harder for your subjects.


Keep Practising and take lots of photos and share your best ones.

Understand your camera controls and settings and how to switch between them quickly.

Continue learning about photography, different techniques and gear options.

Talk to people, to feel comfortable talking to people.

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